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Realtime Avatars support with HeyGen

· One min read
Ajay Chintala
Vignesh Aigal

If you are on social media following Generative AI related news, you would have come across HeyGen and their Realtime Avatars which is a game changer in the field of video generation.

Today we are excited to announce that we are adding support for HeyGen's Realtime Avatars in LLMStack / Promptly. You can now use HeyGen's Realtime Avatars to generate videos with your avatar repeating the answer in realtime.

Realtime Avatar Chat App

Check out our easy to follow guide to build your own avatar chatbot with built-in RAG pipeline.

Combined with LLMStack's RAG pipeline and no-code app builder, you can now build apps with a realtime video avatar of you answering questions from your documents, all in realtime.